Roni visiting rescued pigs at Farm Sanctuary up in Ithaca, NY. A great place to meet over 400 rescued factory farm animals that most people call breakfast, lunch and dinner. They all have distinct personalities just like people do! For more info: www.farmsanctuary.org.

Some Testimonials from Healthy Gourmet To-Go clients past and present:

Mary M., Croton on Hudson
"O my God Roni this food is WONDERFUL. Everything is so fresh, the delicate touch of fresh ginger in the Udon noodle dish-- delicious cilantro tiptoeing through something else I ate, this is exactly how I would cook if I had the time and know how. The salad was as fresh and perfect as if I had grown the lettuce right outside in my own garden, I will report further as we consume more--

Thank you for dreaming this all up. Bravo!!!"

Elizabeth S., Montrose, NY
"Dear Roni,
Your food is fantastic! My niece from VA. was here and we had the Indian Plate and squash and tofu as soon as it arrived and we loved it. She said if you were in VA, she and her mother would order from you as well..... I keep thinking that you could...get the word out about what you are doing so that many people could begin to eat healthy, delicious, vegetarian foods. Of course...I'm thinking of you going nationally! (-;
All of this to say...thank you, and to let you know I am really enjoying this new and much more delicious way of eating!

Mary F., Sleepy Hollow, NY
"I love what you do. It's fresh, delicious, convenient and it feels really good to know I'm serving compassionate food in my home. My 19 year old son was visiting and he and his girlfriend said "that food's really good". That's a big deal Roni. He has a steady diet of pizza and burgers. You planted a seed."

Carolyn D., Chappagua, NY
"Roni, everything was terrific!
Keep me on the list.
Suggestion: Maybe bottle and sell your salad dressings...they are sooooo good! Thanks, Carolyn"

Michael B., Woodstock, NY
"Hey Roni,
You made our day last night. The food is absolutely delicious, and a total life saver. It was so wonderful to have a wholesome, home-cooked meal to eat after the baby went to bed instead of having to drag out a frozen pizza. We also really like being able to enjoy the whole menu, instead of having to pick out the one or two vegetarian options like we usually do with take-out--or worse, having to pick out the stray bits of meat from our vegetarian options!
Anyway, thought you'd like to know that you spread some joy into the world yesterday."

Emanuel G., Ph.D., Montclair, NJ
"Healthy Gourmet To-Go is a fabulous food service and catering business. They catered my spouse's 40th birthday party, and I heard nothing but raves from all who were there. I have also on several occasions taken advantage of their meal delivery service, and found it to be an incredible bargain: delicious dishes, great variety and an ample quantity of food that lasted us for several more meals than even they predicted. In addition to the delicious food, it's remarkable that it is also very healthful food: low fat, no cholesterol, well balanced, and with a consummate and creative presentation that whets the appetite."

Anne L. F., Nyack, NY
"I have been a devotee of Healthy Gourmet-to-Go for years now. Roni Shapiro is a chef extraordinaire. I might go so far as to say she and her staff are the food shamans of the next millennium! Each meal is a feat of magic. The elixir of ingredients has a healing effect. I am happier with my skin, my metabolism, and my weight. And I suspect I'm receiving a number of other healings from the purity of the food. In short, I feel Roni's fare is adding years to my life."

Roseanne W., Woodstock, NY
"Roni catered a dinner party I had in celebration of my husband's birthday.  It was like having a sister prepare the party with me.  She was so enthusiastic and creative.  Roni came to my home and took those platters of mine that she thought would present her food best.  On the day of the dinner, she arrived with delicious food beautifully presented.  The only mistake I made was not ordering more.  My guests were thrilled and my husband loved it."

Toddi G., Chappaqua, NY
"Since our baby was born 4 months ago, eating your food is as close to having sex as we get. It's orgasmic, as well as organic."

Maria L., NY, NY
"When I was diagnosed with cancer I was terrified. I decided to try macrobiotics as one way of dealing with my illness. The meals from Healthy Gourmet To-Go were lovingly prepared and delicious. Without Roni, I would not have been able to stay on this diet. Roni's food made life bearable and ultimately enjoyable. She not only cooks delicious, personalized food but she also cares about me. I am in partial remission and very grateful for the food that is continuing to sustain me and helping to detoxify my system."

Deborah C., NY, NY
"Roni, your sesame noodles are such bliss. I just love them. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my life!"


Harriet B., NY, NY
"Thanks for keeping me so healthy- I don't have to think about antioxidants or anything! It's all in those delicious grain salads (with walnuts popping up all over the place), in the pea soups-full meals in themselves, etal. Thanks for all the generously flavored dishes you deliver."

Ginger R., Long Island, NY
"After surgery I had lost all interest in eating and my progress was slow. Thank you, HGTG for coming to my rescue...with delectable dishes that immediately sparked my appetite and jump-started my recovery. From the moment I launched into the grains, I felt 100% better and could hardly wait for the next healthy treat. Roni, you are a genius-both creatively and healthwise! Thanks for getting me back on my feet!"

Lawrence O, Park Slope, Brooklyn
"Your Tuscan white bean soup is incredible. It's out of this world! Every week I'm reminded that the meals cooked by HGTG are truly gourmet. Usually, I eat to live, but HGTG is one of those sensual eating experiences when I live to eat. Also, my meditations are clearer when I eat your food."

Erin F., NY, NY
"Your food is truly powerful. I can feel the love. I can feel the healing. I am very grateful to have your service. My body is smiling. Thank you!"

Stacey W., Central Jersey Vegetarian Group
"Dear Roni, Thanks so much for your wonderful catering at the CJVG Thanksgiving Dinner. The evening was a big success and your food was part of the reason. Sincerely, Stacey."

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